Placement & Training
The Placement cell of ASIET is constituted under the dynamic leadership of Dr.Santharam Rao who provide the right perspective regarding the various career options available to the students and sufficiently train them to choose and pursue their careers of choice. Given the clutter of career options available and prevalent group tendencies amongst students, placement cell of ASIET believes that expert guidance can help students in streamlining their energy towards their chosen carrier paths. The training program encompasses a three stage process to train the students to make them ready for the industry and develop the etiquettes of the corporate world.
1. Engineering Aptitude Training
2. Soft Skills training
3. Comprehensive technical training
The Placement Department supports students with resources and ideas, a database, notification of new placements now available etc, so that they could be the best fits in their needs. We believe flexibility is the key to a successful placement and play an active role in exploring student’s placement options. We represent in a professional manner when liaising with Industries and successfully complete placement requirements. Our placement officer ensures students are exposed to appropriate learning opportunities within an environment that is supportive and challenging. What will our Placement Officer do for you
• Participate in a pre-placement meeting with interested students to discuss available learning opportunities, and determine whether your  needs and interests can be accommodated
• Oversee the drafting and implementation of the Placement Programme
• Establish the framework and process of assessment
• Give regular and constructive feedback on your performance
• Provides formal supervision at a regular meeting time
• Participates in the Campus Connect and Campus Commune programme hosted by INFOSYS and TCS.
• Discuss concerns about your performance with you, and alerts Placement Department of any difficulties or concerns that may arise as early as possible
• Assess your performance and complete the report form at the completion of the placement
The department of Training and Placement, institute interactive division of the institute has these following functions and responsibilities:
• Nurtures Industry Institute interaction, by organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, implant training and projects of industrial relevance for the students, with the sole aim of zeroing down the hiatus between the industry and the academia. Conduct online Technical and Aptitude Test.
• Receives and forwards the feedback
• Helps every student define his/her career interest through individual expert counseling.
• Makes available updated database and job profile of the companies and thus helps each student analyze and choose company of his interest.
• Organizes and coordinates Campus Placement Program, to fulfill its commitment of a job to every aspirant.
• Organizes Workshops on Soft Skill Training
• Virtual Class rooms
Over the years, the department has maintained symbiotic, vibrant and purposeful relationship with Industries across the country and as a result, has built up an impressive placement record both in terms of percentage of registered students placed, as well as the number of companies visiting the campus