The Man at the Helm
Dr Prof. S. Gopalakrishna Iyer, M.E, Ph.D

India’s transition to a knowledge economy requires a new generation of educated and skilled people. The competitive edge will be determined by the people’s ability to effectively create and use knowledge. India requires a knowledge economy to develop workers and knowledge technologists who are flexible, analytical and the driving forces for innovation and growth. The two greatest concerns of employers today are finding good workers and training them.
The difference between the skills needed on the job and those possessed by applicants, sometimes called the skill-gap, is of real concern to human resource managers and business owners who might be looking forward to hire competent employees. While employers would prefer to hire people who are trained and ready to go to work, they are usually willing to provide the specialized, job-specific training necessary for those lacking such skills.
We offer demand-driven, tailor-made and effective services for sustainable development. To ensure the participation of all stakeholders, we apply a holistic approach based on the values and principles upheld in ideal education society.
Digital Teaching Environment
We strongly believe that a digital teaching environment is a necessity for fostering better educational practices. ASIET uses a one-to-one computing environment. Our platform enables highly differentiated system of instruction, and supports collaborative learning and interdisciplinary techniques. We are making use of multimedia presentations, small group projects and individualized practice and assessment systems. The teacher is fully in control of the student’s activities by making assignments, mentoring individuals, leading discussions and providing feedback.
The Smart Class
Digital mediums like “Smart Class” are proving to be a great learning tool for our students. The digital systems help us in developing deep foundation of factual knowledge and procedural skills. We are also able to develop conceptual frameworks. The chalk and talk method has now been aided by interactive board in classrooms. In future we are planning to upgrade our interactive whiteboards with touch screen enabled boards. There is a whole range of highly researched and children centric system that we will incorporate in times to come.