Message From Patron
We find that two – thirds of mankind still lives in abject poverty and what were once considered as free goods such as air and water are turning out to be anything but free and have a high cost attached to them. There is an increasing need to care and maintain the balance between what men takes out of environment and what he puts back. We are beset with these and other problems, which abound and multiply particularly in the present context when we have widely opened our doors to the world market due to which rapid social, cultural, economic, political and racial changes are rocking the country from all directions.
 The Adi Shankara trust through its various educational institutions tries to impress and inculcate in the minds of the young scholars that problems are opportunities to showcase a person’s talents and to make valuable contribution to the mankind.
 It is precisely for this purpose that the Creator has included them in his formula of the world. Further, to the root receiving is the need and for the fruit it is giving that is its need. 
Thus problems arise when there is confusion over the perception of needs, which get resolved through right perception. Thus, the art of right perception is the rudiment of right education and the educational Institutions of the Adi Shankara Trust help the students to excel in this art to attain academic excellence and enter into the house of wisdom. 
They also make the students willing to get involved from their toes to their fingertips to enable them perform beyond expectation so that they not only survive but also prosper and achieve greatest glory in whatever business, profession or calling they may pursue after their studies. The gracious blessings of His Holiness Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji are conveyed to the academia under the umbrella of the Adi Shankara Trust for engaging in this noble and holy task of creating a suitable and rich background of intellectual and spiritual atmosphere that promotes love and understanding for the awakening and flowering of intelligence.