Girls Hostel

Hostel for girls with excellent amenities have been provided inside the college campus. The ladies` hostel can accommodate more than 400 inmates. The hostel is provided with spacious mess halls and study halls. First year students have separate wing in the hostel .Caring wardens and tight security ensures a pleasant stay, allowing students to focus on their studies.

  • Advisory Warden: Krishna Kumari(EEE HOD)
  • Chief Wardens:Sreepriya (AE HOD),Anitha(EEE, Senior Asst Prof)
  • Assistant Chief Warden: Ierin  Babu(IT ,Asst Prof)
  • Resident Warden: Simi M S (IT, Asst Prof)
  • Take Carer: Geetha Kumari

Rules & Regulations in Hostel

1. Keep silence in the Hostel.
2. Mobile phone usage after 9.00PM is not allowed.
3. Closing door at the time of studies 
4. The talk, songs, conversations, discussions etc should not be a nuisance to the other inmates, especially to the roommates.
5. Keep the hostel rooms, area etc neat and clean always.
6. Bed should be properly laid by individual students before leaving to the classes.
7. Drying of cloths should be at the places earmarked for the purpose.
8. Do not throw the waste here and there. Put them in the dust bin/basket meant for that purpose.
9. Do not disposition, damage or disfigure the hostel properties like building, ancillaries, furniture, equipment etc.
10. All students will take fire precautions when they are in the hostel/classes.
11. Switch off the lights, fans etc when they are not in use.
12. Water is precious. Conserve it. Close the tap immediately after the use.
13. Hostel customs are common sense practices. Offensive behavior to be avoided.
14. Students can leave the hostel, if necessary, only after making entry in the prescribed register and getting written permission from the  Warden or a staff authorized by him. Unauthorized leaving will be viewed seriously and disciplinary action will be taken against the        defaulters.
15. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
16. Guests/Parents/Friends and day scholars are not allowed in the hostel especially to the living rooms. They will be attended to in the      visitor’s room by providing time.
17. All the inmates of the hostel must be present without fail at the time of roll-call. Non compliance will be viewed seriously.
18. Mess timings fixed shall be strictly adhered to.
19. Taking food from unauthorized sources is strictly forbidden. Inmates should take food only from the College Canteen/Mess while they are          in hostel.
20. Students shall utilize the recreation facilities of the hostel between 4.15 P.M. to 7.30 P.M.
21. During college hours students should not stick around in the hostel.
22. All students to adhere the hostel rules and regulations and also the instructions should be passed on from time to time to the hostel authorities.