College Union
The college union of Adishankara institute of engineering and technology was elected in the month of august. The following activities, given along with expected month of execution, are planned for this year by the college union.

1 Onam celebration August
2 Union day September
3 Freshers day September;
4 Vertical activities September
5 Horizontal activities October
6 Arts January
7 Sports January
8 Technical symposium February
9 BRAHMA February
10 College day March

Onam celebration: Celebrated with a lot of energy, this was the first event that was newly sworn bycollege union. Competitions like pookalam contest, meet the maveli, sundariku pottukuttal,  appam kadi contest etc were organised for the students. A cultural procession comprising the traditional puli kali and ending with uriyadi was bustling and provided a feast for the eyes.

Union day: The official day of inauguration of the college union.

Freshers day : The day is kept aside for welcoming the new students of the college and also to break ice with them.

Vertical activities & Horizontal activities: These days will be earmarked to organise branch wise and batch wise competitions.

Arts:  Organised over two days, college arts fest will enable the best talents to come forward in time for the M.G. university arts fest.

Sports: " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". This proverb suggests the merit of games and sports in a student's life. At ASIET, sports day is given special status and it is been organised for the whole two days into various sports events.

Technical symposium: Comprising of workshops, exhibitions etc, this event will serve as the curtain raiser for BRAHMA 2012.

BRAHMA 2012: The national level technical and cultural fest will take place in February. This year’s BRAHMA is expected to comprise cultural events, technical events of various engineering fields, non-technical events and managerial events. Brahma 2012 is targeted to be conducted over 2 days with participants from all over the state.

College day:A grand finale to the academic year,this will comprise of cultural events performed by the students of the college.
The union also plans to organise a charity event to raise funds for a charitable cause.