Having served thousand appetites Adi Shankara College Canteen ensures the healthiest and the tastiest versions of vegetarian nourishments. From a sizzling hot tea to a mouth-watering veg biryani, it proves it all.Idli-vadas, Dosas, Parathas, Puris, Bondas, Manchurians, Fried rice ,noodles for a hungry tummy, samosas, puffs and confectionery for a munching mouth, ice-creams and cool drinks to cool you and your mates down, after a long day of heating up through various channels. Canteen offers it all, with minimal hole in your pockets. Situated in the campus amidst of trees, totally blend with nature it’s an awesome place for student’s to spend some quality time with.Adi Shankara college canteen takes pride to serve only delicious vegetable dishes to surpass the message of the “goodness of green” for a healthy life.