CEO & Administrator, Sringeri Mutt

Padmasree Sri V. R. Gowrishankar

 CEO  & Administrator, Sringeri Mutt and its properties

It’s the untiring, dedicated work of the Administrator that sets the tone of the myriads of institutions run by the Mutt-in the social, educational, economic, health, spiritual and technical spheres of society with the avowed aim of improving the status quo. This man, humble, silent but resolute and highly competent, is the mainstay and no wonder, a lot of accolades and titles have come on his way, the latest being the Padmasree conferred on him in recognition of his sincere hard work and contribution to society.

All this traits have made him the humbler for it. ‘Simple living and high thinking’ seems to have been his motto. His spiritual scholarliness  has even taken him to United Nations General Assembly to address the delegates. He acknowledges all his acievements  as God’s blessings and the grace of H. H. Sri Sri Bharathitheertha Swamigal, the present pontiff of Sringeri Mutt.