TechnoZion is an Intra college programming contest comprised of 3 rounds – An online objective round, a debugging prelims round and the final coding round. We plan to conduct the contest during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September. The contest is open to students of any branch and any year. The titles 'Tech-Titan' and 'Tech-Warrior' shall be awarded to the 1st and 2nd prize winners along with the prizes.


1. There will be three rounds – An objective round, which will be held in the college lab. There will be 30 (25+5 tie breaker) questions related to programming in c and c++. 20 students with the highest scores will be selected to the next round. Total time alloted is 30 min.

2. In the second round, the students will be asked to debug a c program. This round will also be held in the college lab. The first 6 students who succesfully debug the program will be selected to the final round. The total time alloted will be 45 min.

3. The third and final round will be a coding round. 3 questions of varying difficulty and different marks will be given. The students are given 2 hrs to code the programs in c or c++. At the end of the allotted time, the first two student who could complete the most number of programs (or part of it) will be chosen as the winners.


1. All the rounds are related to/should be done in c or c++ only.

2. The coding should be done in and compiled by Turbo C 3.0 compiler. No gcc compiler shall be provided.

3. Only pure logical questions will be asked for coding. Questions related to graphics or file management wont be asked.

4. Students cant bring books, pendrives or mobiles to the room.

5. Participants can use the C/C++ HELP file.

6. The questions for the objective round are related to C/C++ programming.


Veena S S7 CSE
Vishnu V Devaraj S7 CSE
Sumeth M K S5 CSE
Sandeep Menon S5 CSE
Thomas Jasheen Joy S5 CSE
Binoj S3 CSE