Following are the events for Brahma 2004


  Paper Presentation

Electronics and Communication

Computer Science and Information Technology


Rules and Regulations

  • Paper Can be authored by a maximum of two persons
  • A Copy of the abstract should reach us on 5th September
  • 20 minutes presentation plus 10 minutes query session


A team Comprising of two members

  Best Manager

Aptitude test will be conducted and the selected eight participants will go to the final round.

  Software Debugging

A team comprising of two members.



  Creative Writing
  • Entries may be original essays, stories or poems.
  • Completed entries should reach the registration desk by 3pm

  • Two participants per team
  • One participant speaks for and the other against the topic
  • Topic will be given one day prior to the event
  • Three minutes per speaker followed by questioning round.

  • Two participants per team
  • Only chart paper will be provided
  • Topic will be given at the start of the event
  • Time limit is 2hours 30 minutes



  Cinematic dance
  • A team of maximum 8 participants
  • Time limit 7 minutes, empty to empty
  • Breakable items, fire, water, inflammable items etc are not allowed

  Step 'N' Synchro
  • Two participants per team
  • There will be a barrier between the two participants



  • One team per college maximum 6 participants per team.
  • General rules of mime will be followed
  • Instrumental accompaniment is allowed
  • Time limit is 5 minutes

  Movie Spoof
  • Maximum six participants per team.
  • Spoof could be from any movie in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, English, or self created.



  • A team comprising of two members
  • Only film songs are allowed

  • Maximum 6 participants per team.
  • Recorded music in key board is not admissible
  • Time 12 minutes

  Western Group Song
  • Maximum eight participants per team
  • Time 10 minutes