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In this technology-driven era, Blue Chip companies are spending substantial amounts of money on business intelligence technology, as the demand for real-time reporting has become an important way for IT Directors to improve the efficiency of the most significant business processes.

The annual growth for business intelligence software is expected to remain high at about 7.5 per cent a year over the next five years, while IDC research reports global spending to hit $12.05 billion.

In a statement made by Gerry Cohen, Chief Executive at Business Intelligence Specialist Information Builders says "Just like CRM or ERP, business intelligence is becoming a category and companies are now beginning to standardize on tools, and they are also interested in selecting companies to provide their standards."

In India, various software companies and other establishments including Banks & Telecommunication services have achieved high ROI (Return of Investment) by deploying BI tools.

Customers should possess good awareness of the new technology & tools as well as deployment methodology. This typically involves the following:

1. Identifying key areas of business operations where BI can be deployed.

2. Selection of the right tools.

3. Imparting training in advanced computing technology like Data Mining, Data Warehouse, Neural Networks, Expert Systems and other BI technologies.

4. Analysing a set of sampled data (Sample Data Modelling).

5. Providing enterprise wide implementation of BI solutions.