Dr. S.G. Iyer,
Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kalady.


Advisory Committee:

Dr. B Parameswaran

Chairman, IETE,
Kochi centre.

Prof. M.V. Rajesh

Hon. Secretary, IETE,
Kochi centre.

Organizing Committee

Prof. K Venugopal

Prof. Rekha Sreejith

Prof. Sreekanth K.S.

Mr. Mukesh P.L.

Mr. Arun R Chandran






Sequential Refresher Course on Digital Signal Processing


8TH to 12TH of July 2009

We are pleased to inform that the Department of Electronics & Communication in association with IETE is organizing a workshop of 5 days duration from 8th July to 12th July 2009.

           AVABODHA  is organized to meet an objective of enhancing the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of faculties in the various electronics engineering aspects through sequential training courses. This time AVABODHA is designed to work upon the interesting areas of Digital Signal Processing.

          In this regard we invite participants from other institution. Brochure of the current program is available here. We solicit active participation





Course Details









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